Spa Treatment Menu

All packages include a pre-treatment experience and wellness dialogue with your trained therapist, 60 minutes of suite time (except where noted) and a culinary experience.

From the Earth

Focus on connection. Grounding, deeply, relaxing and stress relieving with hot and cold stone massage and black walnut scrub. Includes exfoliation and massage. 

Three hours  $595

From the Gardens

Focus on the season. As we nourish our bodies with seasonal foods, we benefit as well by applying this philosophy to products applied to the body. These treatments, therefore, change with seasonal essential oils and herbs. Includes exfoliation and massage. 

Three hours  $595

From the Vines

Focus on the skin. Vinotherapy using grape extracts that are rich in antioxidants and fight free-radicals with resveratrol, reducing oxidative stress. Includes a massage and facial.  

Three-and-a-half hours  $710

The Air We Breathe

Focus on recovery. Revitalizing and invigorating, this treatment is ideal for those with jetlag or those who may have over indulged with a detoxifying mud abdominal wrap, hydrating massage, rosemary and mint foot and leg scrub. Includes a massage, facial and scrub.  

Three-and-a-half hours  $755

From the Fields

Focus on the body. De-stress, support, renew and nourish with organic botanicals. Includes a wrap, exfoliation, massage, and 90 minutes of suite time.  

Four hours  $840

Meadowood Curated Collection

Focus on the whole being. The ultimate spa gift or ideal experience for the spa aficionado. Experience all that the Meadowood Spa offers with a comprehensive and luxurious day of pampering and healing. Includes a wrap, exfoliation, massage, facial, scalp treatment, 90 minutes of suite time and a take home gift to remind you of your day with us.  

Five-and-a-half hours  $1,235

Essential Journey

Experience our signature treatment add-on, the Essential Journey, to fully enjoy our unique all-suite spa. Any of our facials may be paired with these 30 additional minutes to ease you in and out of your treatment. A consultation with your therapist will help guide your session for optimal results as well as discuss key points of your daily wellbeing. Begin with a personalized aromatherapy steam in your private room to prepare you for your treatment and complete your service with an organic kombucha elixir to allow for a gentle recovery. 

Additional thirty-minutes  $25

Prestige Facial 

Our most luxurious and transformative facial for the ultimate anti-ageing infusion. A regenerative high-tech facial treatment works on lymphatic drainage, improving muscular tone, oxidative stress and tissue acidosis, by helping skin proteins; collagen and elastin to restore with revitalized strength and oxygenation for an all-round dynamic antiaging effect. An exceptional high potency blend of peptides helps lift, nourish and promote healthy hydration. A sophisticated, nonaggressive anti-aging facial that focuses on the brilliant unison of the latest technologies.

Ninety-minutes $350

Meadowood Restorer  

An intensive moisture-restore treatment, encompassing Pietro Simone’s signature deep tissue technique and layer method. Science-led custom formulas cushion and boost moisture levels. This premium anti-aging facial is a great way to experience hydration and skin-saving nutrients while helping to increase elasticity and promote collagen production for vibrant feel-good skin.

Seventy-five minutes  $275

Multi Refine and Sculpt

An essential skin resurfacing treatment comprises Pietro Simone’s unique signature organic cotton thread exfoliation method and signature deep tissue technique. This rejuvenating anti-aging facial has a signature spotlight on multi-phase deep exfoliation helping to encourage cellular renewal and increased micro-circulation, for smoother looking healthy skin with renewed freshness and vitality.

Seventy-five minutes  $275

Organic Facial

Using luxury vegan, organic products, this facial offers the perfect blend of pampering and moisturizing to keep your skin revitalized. Suitable for all skin types and environmental sensitive too, our organic facial will leave your skin supple, hydrated and well rested.

Sixty-minutes  $215

Seventy-five minutes  $265

Oxygen Facial

Applying pure, pressurized oxygen into the skin with a wand, this facial helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and may also help increase the production of collagen. Ideal for those who may have an upcoming event, this facial leaves skin glowing with no redness and photo ready.

Seventy-five minutes  $265

Ninety-minutes  $315


HydraFacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating. Our 60 minute session includes lymphatic drainage and a specialty booster of choice.

Thirty-minutes  $160

Sixty-minutes  $280

Part of our Essential Journey Experience

Men's Grooming Facial

Enjoy a hot towel facial with contrasting cold facial stones to tighten pores and refresh skin while using curated products specifically to address your skin's needs. This facial includes eyebrow grooming.

Back Facial

Using Hydrafacial technology, this back facial provides both a physical and product-driven exfoliation to deep clean, extract and renew skin while including lymphatic work. An excellent treatment to target congested or oily skin, sun damage or dehydrated skin.

Awaken Massage

This massage is designed to invigorate, relax tight muscles and increase range of motion. Therapies incorporate stretching, trigger point therapy, sports massage techniques, rosemary mint food scrub, hot towels and specialty products to awaken the body leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

The Treehouse Suite

In addition to the suites, the Treehouse Retreat specialty  room offers another private space in the spa. Partly open to the elements, the room includes a fireplace and a hand-hammered copper tub for custom baths. The space is also an additional option for couples and guests who wish to dine together.


Treehouse Milk Bath

Milk is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin D and lactic acid which helps to make your skin look younger and softer. Also, it contains skincare’s favorite natural beta hydroxy acids, which are extremely efficient in exfoliating the skin, eliminating dead cells so the absorption of moisture is enhanced. New skin cells are soothed and comforted by the natural components.  Milk’s ingredients play an important role in improving the condition of the skin.


Treehouse Mustard Bath 

Mustard baths have been traditionally used for detoxification and purification. Mustard is well known for its therapeutic value when used in a bath, helping to increase circulation, oxygenation, and the elimination of toxins. Mustard baths are wonderful for the treatment of colds, stress, fatigued and achy muscles, fever, and congestion. Mustard has been known to stimulate the sweat glands, opening the pores and helping the body rid itself of toxins. When this happens, circulation is improved, congestion is relieved and pain is eased.


Treehouse Oligomer Pure Sea Salt Bath 

Oligomer Pure Sea Salt bath is the perfect way to get the benefits of a seawater bath without leaving your home. An ideal opportunity to relax, re- balance and re-energize this bath contains an optimum dose of trace elements and minerals, fortifies the epidermis and prevents cellular fatigue. Seawater baths have been known to re-balance and re-energize tired skin and muscles while relaxing the mind and body.

In-Guest-Room Services

Should you wish to enjoy a massage in the privacy of your guest room or suite, we offer 60, 90 and 120-minute options. Please consult our Spa Concierge to reserve.