Dark shadows and pillow



Wooden spoon and plate with spa products

From the Earth

Focus on connection. Grounding, deeply relaxing and stress relieving with hot and cold stone massage and black walnut scrub. Includes exfoliation and massage.
Purple flowers and coffee beans

From the Gardens

Focus on the season. As we nourish our bodies with seasonal foods, we benefit as well by applying this philosophy to products applied to the body. These treatments, therefore, change with seasonal essential oils and herbs. Includes exfoliation and massage.
Green plant and white rocks

The Air We Breathe

Focus on recovery. Revitalizing and invigorating, this treatment is ideal for those with jetlag or those who may have over indulged. Includes a detoxifying mud abdominal wrap, hydrating massage, and rosemary and mint foot and leg scrub. Includes a massage, facial, and scrub.
Yellow flower petals

From the Fields

Focus on the body. De-stress, support, renew, and nourish with organic botanicals. Includes a wrap, exfoliation, massage, and 90 minutes of suite time.
Fireplace in Tree house room

Meadowood Curated Collection

Focus on the whole being. The ultimate spa gift or ideal experience for the spa aficionado. Experience all that the Meadowood Spa offers with a comprehensive and luxurious day of pampering and healing. Includes a wrap, exfoliation, massage, facial, scalp treatment, 90 minutes of suite time, and a take home gift to remind you of your day with us.
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Preview Accommodations
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