In addition to the treatment suites, the Tree House Retreat specialty room offers another private space in the spa. Partly open to the elements, the room includes a fireplace and a hand-hammered copper tub for custom baths.

Fireplace in the spa Tree House room

Tree House Milk Bath

Milk is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin D, and lactic acid which helps to make your skin look younger and softer. Also, it contains skincare’s favorite natural beta hydroxy acids, which are extremely efficient in exfoliating the skin, eliminating dead cells so the absorption of moisture is enhanced. New skin cells are soothed and comforted by the natural components. Milk’s ingredients play an important role in improving the condition of the skin.
Copper tub in the spa Tree House room

Tree House Mustard Bath

Mustard baths have been traditionally used for detoxification and purification. Mustard is well known for its therapeutic value when used in a bath, helping to increase circulation, oxygenation, and the elimination of toxins. Mustard baths are wonderful for the treatment of colds, stress, fatigued and achy muscles, fever, and congestion. Mustard has been known to stimulate the sweat glands, opening the pores, and helping the body rid itself of toxins. When this happens, circulation is improved, congestion is relieved, and pain is eased.
Water flowing into copper tub in the spa Tree house room

Oligomer Pure Sea Salt Bath

Our Oligomer Pure Sea Salt bath is the perfect way to get the benefits of a seawater bath. An ideal opportunity to relax, re-balance, and re-energize, this bath contains an optimum dose of trace elements and minerals, fortifies the epidermis, and prevents cellular fatigue. Seawater baths have been known to have a positive effect on tired skin and muscles while relaxing the mind and body.
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