Outdoor Terrace Cafe with tables and chairs

DINING / Terrace Café

Terrace Café

From morning to night, the Terrace Café makes guests warm and welcome in a casually sophisticated al fresco setting.

Relish the pleasures of dining out of doors, wine-country style. The Terrace Café on the Meadowood Estate offers a breakfast and lunch menu from morning to mid-afternoon. Into the evening hours, enjoy the pleasures of shareables, small bites and cocktails.
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Terrace Café

Join us at the Terrace Café and enjoy the relaxed elegance of al fresco dining on the Meadowood Estate. The Terrace Café offers a breakfast and lunch menu during the day and a shareables, small bites and cocktails menu during the evening hours. With inspiration and invention, each dish spotlights the abundance of the Meadowood gardens and other local and regional farms. 


8:00am – 8:00pm

weather permitting

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Outdoor Terrace Cafe seating and bar

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