Wine Experiences at Meadowood

Image of grape clusters and grape leaves on the vine


Vineyard rows with ripe grapes hanging on them


A couple sitting at a table with glasses of white wine looking out overt the vineyards


Image of vineyards in the foreground and olive trees in the distance


Chairs set around an outdoor fire pit with a view of the vineyards in the foreground and olive trees in the distance


Image of empty wine glasses near a large copper ice bucket filled with bottles of wine


Image of a server holding a tray of wine glasses filled with white wine


Image of a server holding a tray with watermelon appetizers


Image of a long table set with plates, napkins, flatware, glasses and family-style bowls with food


Image of a plate of different colors of macaron cookies with a little bouquet of flowers


Meadowood serves as a common ground for Napa Valley vintners and grapegrowers. Here they find a place to hold tastings and meetings, dine, engage in fitness and sporting activities and spend time with family and friends. We invite you to hear their stories.

The Napa Valley Reserve

The Napa Valley Reserve is a private club with a Membership of approximately 500 couples who share a passion for wine and the way of life that surrounds it. While grape growing and winemaking are central to The Reserve experience, Members, who come from more than 37 states and 11 countries, share other passions as well, including travel, the sporting life, culinary arts, fine art and legendary automobiles, among others. We offer our Members unparalleled experiences in a beautiful, private setting where they are at liberty to relax and enjoy one another’s good company.



The Harlan family’s unflinching foray into wilderness winemaking, Promontory lies near the heart of Napa Valley yet remains hidden within an unmarked territory.


In the early 1980s while hiking along Oakville’s southwestern ridge, H. William Harlan discovered an isolated territory. The remote expanse — ancient and untamed — moved him deeply but remained elusive until the Harlan family finally acquired it in 2008. As the family’s second generation explored and began to cultivate the land, they began to make discoveries of their own. At the core of this wild terrain they found a powerful geologic convergence, which had shaped its steep, rugged topography, and created the conditions for an altogether exotic winegrowing environment. Over time they found that the dramatic landscape — just beyond the edge of the known — would slowly change them, and ultimately inspire a new endeavor: Promontory.


The Promontory winery is set apart, just north of the territory, among the western hills of Oakville overlooking the Napa Valley. Visitors are welcome, by appointment, for an intimate introduction to our wine, philosophy, and discovery of the territory. To arrange an appointment, we invite you to call or email our concierge.