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What are the names of the wedding couple? How did you meet?
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What time of day are you envisioning your ceremony?
What is the size of your bridal party?
How many guests do you plan to invite? How many do you anticipate attending?
Are there family members or friends who will play a special role in the wedding besides the members of the wedding party?
Will the entire wedding party be lodging at Meadowood or Southbridge?
Will your guests be lodging at Meadowood or Southbridge?
Will you be spending your wedding night at Meadowood or Southbridge?
Do you have a wedding planner?
Would you like to receive our Recommended Vendors list?
Are you interested in any other Wedding Weekend events that can take place at Meadowood, such as a Croquet Party, Golf Tournament or Spa Day?
Would you like to hold your Rehearsal Dinner at Meadowood or would you like us to arrange this for you at the beautiful estate of one of our local winery partners?
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