At Meadowood, gracious hospitality defines the style of service and timeless, natural beauty, the sense of place. A rich company culture inspires staff to achieve the highest service standards in hospitality. Join the Meadowood team and experience the pride and teamwork of working alongside a dedicated team of professionals in a truly beautiful setting.

Staff Benefits

Meadowood offers competitive wages, a full benefits package and excellent staff privileges.


• Medical, vision, dental and life insurance
• 401k with match
• Complimentary meal
• Birthday and holiday pay
• A variety of staff privileges on and off the Meadowood property

Meadowood offers a wide array of career opportunities which allow staff members the unique ability to grow professionally across many different departments in all areas of hospitality.

Testimonials from Meadowood Team Members

“I would never have imagined when I started as a seasonal pool server in May 2013 that I would be where I am today.  Meadowood has nourished and supported my passions and continuous success from one department to the next.  Each day has proven to be a learning opportunity and I have never been more proud to be a part of such a wonderful culture.”

- Danni Hill, Guest Relations


“Being a Guest Services Representative at Meadowood allows me to help guests create milestone moments with memories that last a lifetime.  I am also able to show both first time visitors and seasoned veterans of The Napa Valley something they have not seen before.  Meadowood gives me the exclusive access needed to provide these experiences to our guests.”

- Shelby Tashlin, Guest Services Representative


“I really like how Meadowood Napa Valley takes care of me and my family with the benefits I receive.”

- Jose Sandoval, Grill Cook


“I love the sense of family and community in the staff cafeteria.”

- Macario Mejia-Garcia, Grill Dishwasher


“I have worked at Meadowood for 2 and a half years. I was originally working at the Health and Fitness center as a Spa Desk Coordinator and was lucky enough to transition to the new Meadowood Spa as a Spa Concierge. I have very much enjoyed working for Meadowood and I plan to continue to do so. The management I have worked with has been very helpful and inspirational, and that is what makes Meadowood a much more enjoyable environment. I love working for a company that not only takes care of their employees, but inspires us to go above and beyond for our guests. The new Meadowood Spa, is the reflection of how beautiful and luxurious our property has become. There is truly no other property that can compare to Meadowood and its superb hospitality.”

- Jessica Cowan, Spa Concierge


“I have worked at Meadowood for almost nine years now, and have worked in four different departments. I currently work in the new spa as the lead therapist. I have worked many places in The Napa Valley and Meadowood stands above them all by far. The staff at Meadowood create such a welcoming environment that you really do feel like you have a work family.”  

- Jaclyn Calantoc, Massage Therapist


“Meadowood is my home away from home.  I find sincere enjoyment in assisting our guests and providing support for my colleagues.  As a new mother, it is my natural instinct to nurture.  I treasure this aspect of my job as we are humbly serving others on a daily basis.”  

- Amber Campbell, Guest Services Representative

“I have been working here for many years and I have made some of my co-workers part of my family over the years.”

- Alonso Isabeles, Grill Cook


“Meadowood has set the bar for my personal traveling endeavors worldwide.  I notice things now that I never would, had I not been employed here for 5 years.  The little things:  the usage of the guest’s name, the attention to detail, the anticipatory service; these are all huge contributors to the outstanding guest service standards that will be instilled in me forever.  What sets Meadowood employees apart is the genuine care we have for our guests which I have attributed to the genuine care that Meadowood has for us.” 

- Jen Norris, Guest Services Representative


“The Meadowood Spa is a beautiful, serene place to start your day of work. The spa focuses on everyone’s overall health and well-being, giving a sense of warmth and care to the work environment. It’s a good feeling to come to work and watch everyone gather together to focus on the needs and care of the people that come to visit us, including guests, members, and other employees.”  

- Jennifer Hamilton, Spa Concierge


“I have been at Meadowood for almost a year now.  What a wonderful place to work. I am so blessed and love the environment as well as the various hard working departments including my own.  From the first moment I stepped on property, there was a warm welcoming from Estate Security, Robert Hedden. He wished me luck before my interview.  Well, Judith Rowlings and her assistants were totally amazing and very welcoming too. I felt as if this was a family orientated working environment. I felt safe.  I felt SO lost before walking in as I desperately needed a position, and Meadowood would be the perfect place for me to work and possibly grow.  Today, I am in a Supervisory position at the New Meadowood Spa. I worked in the Fitness Center/Spa for nearly 8 months and in doing so, I was promoted within 6 months of being hired at Meadowood.  What an Achievement it was for me. You can definitely do it too.  Every day I come to work feeling that today I can achieve something. Show my peers what I am made of and be proud of Meadowood. I am very proud to be an employee of Meadowood.  I will not make them feel disappointed of me at any time. I have made many friends on property.  I stand tall when I mention that I work at Meadowood Napa Valley in St Helena.”  

- Kim Minser, Spa Supervisor


“Excellence.  Compassion.  Pride.  Teamwork. Graciousness. These are words that first come to my mind when I think about the Meadowood Spa. We are all dedicated to the collective success of our business to provide superior service and experiences in a nurturing environment.  In fact, I think our mission statement sums it up perfectly.

The Meadowood Spa is a restorative environment where holistically tailored experiences are created by our highly trained wellness professionals with intuitive touch and nurturing care to inspire sustainable life change.

The guest experience comes from each one of our amazing staff members.  Our Spa Concierge, Attendants, Treatment Providers and Housekeepers all play a vital role in our success.  It takes 100% dedication from each team member to create an everlasting memory to every visitor. I am proud to work alongside such dedicated and passionate people. We are a family and we support each other. My goal as the Director is to provide a healthy and enjoyable work environment so we can all perform at our best!”

- Michael Conte, Director of Spa and Wellness



Employee Assistance Program

WorkLifeMatters is a confidential employee assistance program offered to Meadowood employees. This program provides guidance for personal issues an employee might be facing and information about other concerns affecting his or her life outside of employment at Meadowood. 

Just a few examples of how WorkLifeMatters can help are:

• Adult re-entry programs
• College planning
• Finding a pre-school

Dependent Care Giving
• Before/after school programs
• Child daycare or elder care
• In-home services

Legal and Financial
• Basic tax planning
• Debt counseling
• Home buying and relocation
• Immigration

Lifestyle & Fitness Management
• Anxiety and depression
• Drugs and alcohol abuse

To find out more information about Meadowood’s employee assistance program, please contact our Human Resources department at 707-967-1225.


Please find a list of organizations below that can help in times of need.  All of these organizations are located in Napa, FEMA is present at the Local Assistance Center at 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Dr. in Building A. 


Abode 707-259-8133
COPE 707-252-1123
• NEWS (Napa Emergency Women's Services) 707-252-3687
On The Move (Non Profit) 707-251-9432
FEMA 1-800-621-3362